Change the question!

Difficulty motivating yourself to get out and exercise?

The solution is simple, change the question.

Change the question...

While you are sitting at work (or on the cozy sofa at home), instead of dwelling on the question ‘shall I go or not?’, change it to the statement ‘I am going at...’

The next step is to take it further and create a plan for the next two weeks. Decide exactly which days you will have time to go and what time you will start and finish, remembering to ask yourself:

Will you need to take your gym kit to work?

Will you need to plan what snacks or meals you will need to fit in around your exercise?

Then stick to the plan. Don’t fall into the trap of looking at the clock and wondering if you should go or not. Just decide that you will go. No matter what. Then go.

Plan, go, do!

You know you will feel better afterwards…


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