Does my bum look big in this squat?

Squats are awesome.

They are not just about making your bum look good. While, they mainly target your gluteus maximus, hamstrings and quadriceps, add some weights to the squat and get more of a whole body workout.


The ‘squat challenge’ has been doing the rounds recently. To optimise the gains & prevent injury, focus on your technique. Technique is always important, but even more so if you are doing dumbbell or barbell squats or even a Bulgarian split squat!

Step 1: Prepare your body

  • Position your feet shoulder width apart, with your toes pointing forwards.

  • Imagine you are a soldier who has just been called to attention – your chest would be lifted.

  • Engage your abdominal and back muscles

Step 2: Lowering into the squat

  • Flex from your knees and hips to initiate the squat and slowly lower.

  • Keep your knees behind the toes and in line with the direction of your feet.

Step 3: Raising back up

  • Drive up, keeping your heels down

  • Keep your chest up (& exhale!)

  • Don’t lock your knees at the top

Once you have mastered the technique, you can progress to using a barbell or dumbbells.

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