Enjoy or Endure?

Some people say you should enjoy running.

Sometimes (especially in race situations) I like to endure it so that I can then enjoy a PB at the end

What happens if you endure it and still don’t get a PB?

If we are racing, we usually set ourselves up with a time in mind. If you are anything like me, then I know what I am capable of but I still like to push it to try and get another PB. Sometimes it works, sometimes you fall, bash your knee, spend 5 minutes with the first aider and then carry on...and don’t get a PB.

Sometimes the conditions are not right, you are not feeling on top form and you know it’s not a PB day before you even get to the start line. Other times it’s not until part way through the race that you realise it’s not your day.

So, to limit the potential pain, I heartily recommend setting yourself 3 targets for every race or run that you do.

  1. Your GOLD target – your ideal race time for if all the conditions are right and everything comes together on the day

  2. Your SILVER target – if you are having a bad day, or the weather conditions are not great, this is maybe not your ideal race time, but you would be pleased to have run a decent time

  3. Your BRONZE target – nothing has gone right, the conditions are rubbish and you are not going to get a time that you are excited about, but you can focus on running a race with great posture or cadence or even just enjoying the atmosphere and the scenery en route. Imagine it...doing a race and enjoying the running!

Now go out and find your fun!



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