I absolutely love running!

Yes, I realise that might seem like a strange way to start a blog entitled “Pilates”... :D but running is what got me into Pilates.

As I started running longer and longer distances, injuries started to sneak in. So I took the warning from my body (eventually...) and started doing specific types of cross-training to strengthen my supporting muscles.

Pilates had been recommended a few times, but in my naivety I just thought it was the poor cousin to yoga. How wrong I was! This incorrect assumption was based on a one-off "fitness" Pilates class I participated in, in a gym while on holiday about 15 years ago. When I tried it properly, I discovered that Pilates is a whole lot more than I had previously experienced.

Obviously there are many different teachers and schools out there, and like anything it’s about finding the right one for you. For me, I want to do Pilates for all its restorative and corrective movements to ‘mend’ my body and get it balanced, aligned and strong so I can continue to run ultra marathons. Also, I found that I just really love it! So thank you ‘Chapel Allerton Pilates’, I’m officially addicted.

The more I do Pilates, the more I realise there is much more to each movement, and it’s fun getting to learn something new.

What new things are you learning?