Pitfalls: Why isn’t it working?

So you’re doing lots of training, but are not seeing any results. Here are your solutions if you have found yourself in any of these traps.

Fallen into these training traps?

Pitfall #1: You don’t have a proper plan.

Solution #1: Make a plan and get me to help you get started on it.

This needs to be specific, not just “I’m going to go to the gym and get fit”.

It needs to be focussed on your goals and every training session needs to have the correct focus.

You need to optimise your training and your recovery.

Pitfall #2: You miss sessions because ‘something came up’ or you were ‘a bit tired’ or ‘not in the mood’.

Solution #2: Remind yourself what your motivation is, then treat your plan like your work diary. Unless you have a sick note, stick to your arrangements. Get out and go, once you get going you might find you enjoy it. Sometimes, the hardest part is mentally just getting ready to go.

Pitfall #3: Expecting immediate results

Solution #3: Get a realistic plan and be patient.

Pitfall #4: You think you are eating healthily, but actually have more ‘treats’ than you realise

Solution #4: Keep a food diary. This will give you the opportunity to ‘stand back’ and see how many ‘treats’ you are actually having.

Pitfall #5: Same, same, same.

If you keep doing exactly the same thing week in, week out, your body will plateau.

Solution #5: Change up the resistance, intensity or volume of your workouts every 6-8 weeks.

Pitfall #6: You avoid weights because you ‘Don’t want to have massive muscles’.

Solution #6: Incorporate weights into your training. With high reps of lower intensity and short rest breaks, you will get stronger without looking like the incredible hulk.

Pitfall #7: You think everyone else finds it easy.

Solution #7: It is easy to think that everyone else finds it easy to avoid treats or get up and do exercise. We all have our bad days, and everyone has to work at it to some extent. Some people are just in more of a habit, but that doesn't mean that they find it easy.

Now go out there and smash your goals!


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