Super Bright!

As you will have seen from my Instagram stories I’ve been having fun playing in the dark with my reflective Proviz jacket. It is primarily a running jacket, but I’m SO mesmerised by how reflective it is that I can’t stop playing with its reflective nature like a little kid outside in the dark 😂.

The key feature for me is the safety of the reflective jacket for when I’m running and training in the dark evenings and early mornings. However, as well as it being 100% reflective (something technical to do with tiny beads that make it a 360 degree reflective surface), it has a soft to touch wicking lining to make it breathable so I don’t overheat on my run. Plus, it’s really lightweight which makes it great for taking out on a long run.

To see me getting carried away and accidentally whacking myself in the leg, head, arm...🤣 testing out the jacket while playing with my Poi, head over to my Instagram IGTV channel

Check out the Proviz range and if you ask me nicely I’ll send you over a 15% discount code to use at the checkout 😉