Smash Your Goals

Most people start with great intentions of getting fitter, losing weight, eating healthier, drinking less alcohol, drinking more water and so on. A great intention is wonderful to get you started, but if you want to succeed you need much more than a ‘nice idea’. As the saying goes, “Motivation gets you started, habit keeps you at it”. Habits are hard to break. Use that to your advantage and decide what habit you want to have.

Smash your goals
  1. Decide what habit you want to form (eg drinking more water, doing more exercise, eating breakfast, being more mindful) and write it down.

  2. Add details to it. Make it as specific and realistic as possible.

  3. Visualise what your habit will look like. Literally, create a picture in your head of you carrying out your habit.

  4. Feel excited about it. (No, I am not joking…) You might have to force this feeling at first, but try to feel how amazing you feel because of your new habit.

  5. Add “making mistakes” to your plan! Before you start, accept that there will be times when it will go wrong. It doesn’t mean you have failed, it means you have an opportunity to create a plan of action to avoid that same error next time.

  6. Show your plan to someone. We are much more likely to stick to something if we have told someone else what we are planning to do.

Now go out and start smashing your goals!



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