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I have over half a Million followers on TikTok.  My posts can get up to 16 million views, and I reach over 2 million accounts per week.  I have UK and USA followers, with 79% being women. I am an Ultramarathon Runner, Personal Trainer and have blackbelts in Shotokan Karate, Taekwondo and Okinawan Kobudo. I am also a well-respected Science Teacher, Examiner, Educator, and a lesbian mum of 3 children. 


I reach millions of accounts as I produce engaging videos tailored to organically promote the song, brand or product I am working with. I have worked with Funky Pigeon, Aftershokz, SKINS, Joby, Sony, and various others. I produce quality content on both my accounts:

@Claire_Training is based around health, fitness and my life which is LGBTQ+ positive.

@ScienceWithClaire is based around Science Education.   


I am currently developing my calendar of endorsements with brands I love, that I believe would benefit from my influence.  As you know TikTok grew huge in 2020 and I am one of the Influencers fortunate enough to really benefit from this.  


Some brands are late to the party and haven’t really engaged with TikTok yet, but as major labels and brands like Apple realise the power of TikTok influencers, they are migrating across to get a piece of the action.  If you are interested in building your TikTok profile, and engaging a younger audience I would love to build up a relationship with your company to promote your products.

Contact me below to request my media kit or to discuss a possible collaboration. 

I can’t wait to get started on your campaign!

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