Testimonials - Personal Trainer

"What can I say about Claire? Well it takes a certain type of person to be able to mentor and encourage someone like me, from not being able to confidently run 5k, to being on the verge of completing a half marathon in less than 18 months! My shuffle (yes I thought I was sprinting) has turned into something that actually looks like a run technique! Claire's knowledge, guidance and determination rubs off on you and you can't believe the results that can be achieved. I'd recommend Claire to anyone and everyone - so pleased I plucked up the courage to contact you in the first place.”

Ali Bowen, Pontefract

"After having my second child I decided to try running to get back into shape, but had no clue where to start. Claire was amazing giving me a plan, helping me set a goal and all the advice on how to go about it. She really helped me stay motivated and was a fantastic support. I was so proud 6 months later to run 10km in under my target time. It has been such a confidence boost, I couldn't have done it without you Claire!”

Rachel Shearer, Kirklees

Online Coaching: "After struggling with the consequences of over-training (runners knee, shin splints, etc.) I needed a tailored training plan which brings me through off season without dumping all the hard training before and which prepares me for my next half marathon in May. 


Claire created a training plan customized to me and my running and workout habits. It delivers the perfect balance between running, strength training and rest. This new plan totally pushed my motivation and I haven't ever been as fast, I would say I'm in the best form of my life!

Claire knows how to motivate her clients, her knowledge makes training way more effective and pure fun. She showed me, it's not the amount of training miles, it's to train smart.  I would highly recommend Claire!"

Matthias Schmidt, Bavaria, Germany

"Brilliant service, thank you Claire for your help with creating our gym and home fitness plans. Spot on and exactly how we imaged they would be. Lots of detail and variety in a professionally written format. As a marketing company, should we get any more health and fitness projects, we will be in touch again for sure."

Lyndsey West,

Internal Office Account Manager,

Fyber Ltd, Leeds

"I’ve been on my weight loss journey for as long as I can remember   What Claire gave me was encouragement and support in a friendly but firm way  What came next was my own willingness to change.   I began to follow the nutrition plan, walk the required hours per week, and not let my family/friends sabotage my hard efforts.   I was amazed, the weight fell off.  I had been fighting with my weight for years. The weight came off quicker than ever before even when I had followed a strict unhealthy fad diet.  I was given exercises to prevent any strain to muscles which were not used to being used. I’m in a smaller size, I have increased energy, I’m physically stronger, and as an extra bonus my asthma has improved. I am very happy and will continue to walk and exercise as my training plan.   Claire has the ability to truly tailor your program to your goals and she is there every step of the way to ensure you reach them safely whilst monitoring your breathing and body’s reactions to the plan.”

Diane Dixon, Leeds

I am on week 6 of my 12 week plan that Claire has prescribed especially for me!! I am feeling so much better about myself, I feel my fitness levels are improving each week, I am getting stronger & more toned.  Claire is amazing at what she does & her knowledge is outstanding! She is encouraging, always praising and makes you believe you can achieve your goals. I would recommend Claire Senior 100%.”​
Julie Raven, Leeds

"Thank you for delivering a fantastic "Couch 2 5k" programme for Leeds Frontrunners."

Andrew Frazer, Leeds

"Claire is an inspirational talented professional trainer who puts the FUN in exercise. I cannot thank her enough for the effort she put in devising individual work outs for us in our lunch time sessions in the gym. I miss her motivation & wicked sense of humour. Lunch times aren't the same anymore without you Claire. ”

Elaine Smith, Harrogate

"I have always wanted a flat stomach and a 6 pack!  I have tried all sorts but never even got close.  2 months ago I asked Claire for some advice.  She gave me two really simple steps in terms of nutrition and exercise and helped me form a plan around this. I can already see my 6 pack forming! I'm so excited!  I still can't believe how Claire made it so simple.  I highly recommend her.”

Xander Wood, Leeds

Official Pacer at the Leeds 10k "Thank you for your hard work at last Sunday's Leeds 10k! I have looked through the times and everyone was very precise and met the high standards that have been set across the 2016 season. Thank you again for your support."

Adam Henry

Events Assistant,

Jane Tomlinson's Run For All

"Thank you so much for today, I was determined to catch you, to pass you and to stay in front of you!! You were awesome and motivated so many people... well done and thanks"

Susan Underwood

Runner in Leeds 10k

Jane Tomlinson's Run For All

Official Pacer at the Women's Running 10k (WR10K) "It was great having you and you did a fantastic job on our pacer team so thank you for adding to the WR10K atmosphere! We hope to see you next year"

Ashleigh Johnson-Palmer

WR10K Events Coordinator

Official Pacer at the Yorkshire 10 mile "Thanks for all your help at the weekend! Our Event Director has given me the feedback about how encouraging our pacers were. I really can't thank you enough for your support."

Adam Henry

Events Assistant,

Jane Tomlinson's Run For All

"Thanks for your support, you were great help to me in the first five miles, really spurred me on." Yorkshire 10 mile

Sylvia, Saltaire Striders

"Huge thanks for keeping us going!" Yorkshire 10 mile

@designrach, Twitter

"Amazing! I don't know how you get so close - especially with a massive flag on your back!" Yorkshire 10 mile

David James

"Thank you for great pacing and motivation, was aiming for 95 but got 89 minutes! Thank you!" Yorkshire 10 mile

Corin Heney