Personal Trainer


Claire's degree in Physiology (Newcastle University) underpins her evidence-based training methods. She has a holistic approach to health and fitness, incorporating exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and wellbeing.

Whether it's losing a few pounds, starting to exercise for the first time, training for that marathon or your next sporting fixture, or just wanting to get past a plateau, Claire is here to support and guide you, and make sure your training is effective for your own personal goals.

As well as being a fully qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, she holds the rank of 1st Dan Black Belt in 3 martial arts: Shotokan Karate; Taekwondo; and Okinawan Kobudo. This allowed her to develop her focus, discipline and determination in a fitness related environment.

I work with individuals and groups of all ages and abilities, from those who are just starting out with exercise, to those ready to make dramatic changes or achieve long term goals.  I know how hard it is to achieve fitness goals alone, but I am here to help you achieve your goals faster - and more effectively,


Ali Bowen, Pontefract

"What can I say about Claire? Well it takes a certain type of person to be able to mentor and encourage someone like me, from not being able to confidently run 5k, to completing a half marathon in less than 18 months! My shuffle (yes, I thought I was sprinting) has turned into something that actually looks like a run technique!  Claire's knowledge, guidance and determination rubs off on you and you can't believe the results that can be achieved. I'd recommend Claire to anyone and everyone - so pleased I plucked up the courage to contact you in the first place."

Matthias Schmidt, Bavaria, Germany

"After struggling with the consequences of over-training (runners knee, shin splints, etc.) I needed a tailored training plan which brings me through off season without dumping all the hard training before and which prepares me for my next half marathon in May. 

Claire created a training plan customized to me and my running and workout habits. It delivers the perfect balance between running, strength training and rest. This new plan totally pushed my motivation and I haven't ever been as fast, I would say I'm in the best form of my life!

Claire knows how to motivate her clients, her knowledge makes training way more effective and pure fun. She showed me, it's not the amount of training miles, it's to train smart. I would highly recommend Claire!"


Personal Training

30 minutes

£50 per session

60 minutes

£100 per session

Group Fitness

Team building, developing specific areas of fitness, or just fancy something a bit different

Groups of 2

£75 / hour per person

Groups of 3

£60 / hour per person

Online Coaching

Personalised training programs tailored to your needs, alongside motivation, encouragement & support to help you reach your goals

Corporate Wellbeing & Team Building

Self Defence

Gain confidence, learn self defence techniques, get fit and have fun. As well as being a fully qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, Claire holds the rank of 1st Dan Black Belt in 3 martial arts: Shotokan Karate; Taekwondo; and Okinawan Kobudo

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