Claire is a fantastic tutor. She has tutored both my daughters for A level Biology and they have both loved her as a tutor. Both my daughters learn in different ways and Claire adapts her teaching style to cater for their teaching methods. I would highly recommend Claire as a tutor as she boosts her tutees confidence and always provides them with the necessary material to ace their exams! Claire is an examiner therefore she focuses on how to answer exam questions and has provided my daughters with key specific points to include when answering exam questions as this is what examiners are looking for. Claire is the best tutor for gaining excellent top high grades


Claire has been a godsend to us during C19 whilst our daughter was unable to attend 6th form. We had booked Claire prior to this and weren't we lucky. Our daughter has completely turned a corner with A level biology. Prior to this she had lost her Mojo. Claires flexibility, ability to engage and quality of teaching style, tools and methods has been a turning point. In addition continuing to support during C19. Teachers at our daughters school are heaping praise for her improved ability during C19 - all down to Claire. I would not hesitate to highly recommend.


Claire is an excellent tutor, ensuring I understand everything we go through. She has been tutoring me for around 6 months and she has really increased my confidence in Biology. I look forward to every lesson I have with Claire and she is clearly very passionate about teaching. I am a private candidate and Claire ensures I have the relevant content for my exam board by sending me powerpoints and exam questions. She goes through all exam techniques and being an examiner, ensures I use the main keywords in the mark schemes. Thank you very much!


We are very happy to give the highest endorsement of Claire.

Her lessons are structured, organised and targeted to meet individual needs. She gives great feedback to us on progress - my son's results have improved significantly since he started with Claire.


Claire is a brilliant tutor .
She is enthusiastic, encouraging, adaptable, organised and very sensible.  She developed a great rapport with our son very quickly. She make science fun, whilst delivering topic content effectively. Claire is also punctual, easy to communicate with and reliable. I would unreservedly recommend her. 


Claire has been tutoring my daughter for the last 6 months in A level Biology. Claire has been an excellent tutor for my daughter increasing her confidence in Biology dramatically. Claire always explains things in a simple manner making complex content a lot easier to understand for my daughter. Claire is very knowledgeable and also has a very good understanding of the exams. Claire is very reliable and friendly, she made my daughter feel welcome and comfortable with her from day one. I would highly recommend Claire as a tutor. 


My son has really benefited from having Claire. She explains things very well whilst at the same time makes it interesting. He loves having lessons with her and it is thanks to Claire that he is on track with his science despite missing many lessons at school due to ill health. We would highly recommend her


Claire. Thanks for all your support. My daughter developed in confidence and you helped to consolidate her learning from school … just waiting for the results! Xx


My son really enjoyed lessons with Claire and told that they were very helpful in preparation for his science GCSEs. Claire is very good teacher and after every lesson my son was very interested and at home continued to look at the subject. I highly recommend Claire as very good tutor.


My son had sessions with Claire to boost his confidence for A-level Biology. He really enjoyed each session and became more positive overall for his A-level course. It must have worked as he chose to study Biology at University!


Claire is an excellent tutor. My son passed his GCSE combined science with excellent grades and his understanding and confidence improved greatly.  Claire was very approachable and flexible and I would highly recommend her.


Claire has tutored my daughter AQA A level Biology since Summer 17. Her predicted grade has improved from a D/E to B in that time.
Claire has provided excellent support both during set times and queries outside, providing plenty of material for the week between sessions. The sessions were tailored to my daughters needs, with Claire adapting throughout the year as confidence and understanding improved.
I would confidently recommend Claire to any parent looking for a tutor.


Within a month I had gone from a D in A level to a grade A in my recent test. I highly recommend Claire as a tutor. 


I have been attending these lessons for only a short period of time, however they have helped me exceedingly well. I have improved drastically in my science lessons and I am beginning to understand and enjoy them as well. I also really like how easy and comfortable it is to talk and communicate with Claire.


According to my son, Claire has really helped him and he rates her as excellent.


Claire is punctual, resourceful and knowledgeable in her subject.She is a truly professional teacher and has a great familiarity with the specifications. I would greatly recommend her!


Ella is enjoying her biology lessons. Thanks again.


I was struggling with Biology and even though I understood the content I couldn't get anything higher than a C in the tests in school until I started tuition with Claire and she guided me through and taught me how to answer exam questions so I could get the marks in the exam. Thanks to Claire I got my A* grade in my A level Biology - thank you Claire! 


I was struggling to get good grades until I started having lessons with you. Thank you Claire for helping me get my A* so I could get my first uni choice and study medicine!


I got an A* !!!   Thank you so much!


Thank you Claire! I've just got my results and I've gone from a C to an A so I've been given my first university choice to study Dentistry. I couldn't have done it without your help.


Claire is knowledgeable on her subject and willing to adapt to individual students needs.