Practise like a 5 year old...

Do you own a skipping rope? My 5 year old has just discovered skipping - literally 2 days ago. She was rubbish. Of course she was, she’d not done it before! The fact that she couldn’t do it didn’t faze her, or halt her enthusiasm; she just kept trying, and trying, and trying. Little by little she got closer to doing one skip. She experimented with different ways and at every given opportunity she was outside practising and within 2 days she was skipping. It got me thinking. We assume that some people can just do certain things. We see people who can run marathons, play the piano or get top grades in Biology and just assume that they must be naturals at it. The truth is, people are good at things because they practise. A lot. Resilience is a key factor. They will fail, get frustrated, get fed up, but they keep going, they keep practising and try different ways. Think back to how you learnt to walk, swim or ride a bike. It will have taken weeks or months of continuous practise, yet (probably because it’s fun) we seem to forget how much effort we have put into learning something that we now take for granted, and just dismiss it as having been easy or gloss over it. It wasn’t easy, you practised and you worked hard. You can do that again. My challenge is to learn how to handstand, which (after much research) looks like it will take a year of continuous practice.

What is it that you would love to be able to do?

Go out, get a plan, be resilient and practise. You’ve got this.


Share your story with me @claire_training and see how I get on with learning how to handstand!