AfterShokz - Aeropex


As you will have seen from my Instagram account @Claire_Training, I am loving using the new Aeropex headphones from AfterShokz. My IGTV channel shows my initial impressions as I unboxed them. The previous version (Trekz Air) are fab, but the updated Aeropex version has some great improvements.

They still do the same great work of using bone conduction instead of being stuck in your ears so you can listen to your surroundings and enjoy running in nature while still enjoying your favourite podcasts, but the Aeropex have a 50% reduction in sound leakage which I think is a great feature. As well as being smaller than the Air they are 13% lighter and they’ve done something with the angle so the sound quality is richer too. More base & less vibration!

They use Bluetooth technology and allow you to listen to music or Podcasts from your phone, but also allow you to receive calls without needing to get your phone out of your bag. In addition, they have an extra 2 hours of usage time compared with the Trekz Air, which means I can go for even longer runs!

They don't have to be reserved just for when we exercise, but for those of us who sweat while we exercise, the great news is that they are IP67 waterproof too (the Air only has IP55) which, thinking about it is super useful for the often temperamental British weather!

Oh and if you enjoy participating in events, Aftershokz headphones are the only ones that are approved by UK Athletics for races - so get booking your next event!