Want to avoid catching a cold this winter?

It’s winter time, and with it seems to come more coughs and colds. To be clear, the bad weather does not increase the risk of getting a cold. However, it does mean that more people are brought together…inside…which means there is more chance of coming into contact with someone who can pass the lurgy on!

Avoid a cold by Claire Senior

There are lots of non-prescription medications available which might be comforting, but by resting, keeping warm and drinking plenty of (non-alcoholic…) fluids, you will be supporting your immune system in defending your body.

There are other factors to keep a check on too if you want to give your immune system a fighting chance. Lack of sleep, poor nutrition, smoking and mental stress, all put a strain on your body and your immune system.

So, take a break, give your body the chance to work its magic, and you’ll be back on track in no time.

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